About Us

Our founding corporation is called,  KaPing, a name chosen due to the impact the place had on our founding CEO Candace. This place, full name Kapingamarangi, is one of the most beautiful and fragile places on Earth due to it being only a few feet above sea level, having only one visiting ship per month and that ship traveling three days to make contact with the 400 inhabitants here. The isolation results in very little contact with the outside world, and miraculously has been inhabited for 1,000 years with residents subsistingon fish, taro and coconuts. The atoll is a part of the Federated States of Micronesia and was a research site that Candace visited while she was teaching architecture at the Ponape Agriculture and Trade School on the main island of Pohnpei.  After spending time on Kapingamaranga and seeing that this fragile atoll as a microcosm of our beloved Earth, Candace returned to Los Angeles and began her career as an architect with a promise to use her knowledge and skill to create a world that honors all life.

Kapingamarangi Atoll - International Space Station image